[Mod] [Suggestion] Equipment Lighnting (keyboards etc)


I m just gonna post this here as a suggestion
There are many gaming equipments nowadays that provides some kind of lightning support for keyboards, headsets etc (Razer, Logitech just to name a few)
At first I found these to be kind of useless and a waste of money but… Well I changed my mind I guess :rofl

There is an open source project called Project Aurora “http://www.project-aurora.com/” which is just a wrapper for Razer, Logitech main softwares (which are limited)
Some people developped some very cool features for specific games and I think Vermintide could benefit from it.
What it would require would be some kind of triggers to detect :

  • Character / Career specific detection (pretty much like it’s done for Overwatch)
  • Automatically detects when an ability is available etc (same)
  • Horde and monster spawns (Those are loud and easily detectable so it wouldn’t be a big plus just stress us out a bit more :wink: )
    I m not including specials on purpose as those are more sneaky creatures.
  • Some other nice effect would be to grab overheating and map it to keys to change color from low orange to deep red

I m just wondering if this could be a simple “Mod” suggestion for the aurora project
If I had some dev skills I would probably try to do it myself



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