LightFX Issues - Can't Patch DLL for Project Aurora (Wrapper for all kind of brands)

Not so much as a “bug” per say but…

Been trying to get some lightning working for Logitech RGB keyboard in Vermintide for some time now but it seems only LightFX is officialy supported in this game.

Project Aurora : is an open source software that provide RGB Lightning support on peripherals whatever the brand the game is supporting.

Apparently, Vermintide used to be working until the anti cheat check for dll on start up.
I understand the approach might be brutal and require some kind of check on the game side as for other “brand” to work on, the software (aurora) patches up the LightFX.dll (under Warhammer Vermintide 2\binaries)

For it to work, i guess some kind of md5sum of the dll is required.
Any chances for this nice, open source software supporting the community to be validated?

Big leep, just taking my chances here.

Vermintide is an ambiance game and lightning support for RGB peripherals whatever the brand would be nice.


We can always speak with EAC about these things. As I understand it some RGB drivers or hooks can be used nefariously.

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That would be great.
I don’t know what can be done but I can certainly provide support if you have any question on the matter.

Edit : Link to the Discord of the Aurora Project

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