Mission Tracking Across all Characters!

I may be just me, but I find it a bit tedious to keep track of each mission type. “complete each mission type 0/7.” If there are any Vermintide 2 players reading this post. If you remember, we were able to see our mission progress and the maps that were completed in each stage. in the heat of in game Chaos and life I loose track of what mission types I have already completed. It would be massive help if a mission tracking system was implemented.


This is an example of the types of quality of life things that are just bizarrely missing from darktide.
Why can’t we see which missions we have already done on each individual character, if each character has penances requiring us to play each mission type??
It’s like it’s just been coded in as an afterthought.


piece of paper and pencil is QoL lifehack for this game


Yeah, some kind of Quality of Life update that simply did this:

…would be amazing, right?

Well, it’s a mod on the nexus, not a FS update leak. You shouldn’t HAVE to mod a game to address it’s QoL, but some mods have become crucial in enjoying this game. This particular topic being one such example.


careful, i said the same thing an a group of trolls attacked me for several days in a row.

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Might be more fun atm. And with the possibility of the game remaining in this state until September, I have time. :smiley:

Something that’s found in Vermintide 2 that they ‘forgot’ about for Darktide.

mission tracker

crucial in enjoying the game

I don’t disagree that it’d be a nice feature, but statements like this are why people here are getting a reputation as whiners.

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