Mission looping without exiting back to keep

I joined a public game for Hunger in the Dark, party wiped in the dark host disconnected, forcing “migration” and the mission starting over with me hosting, joined by 3 bots.
I continued on with the 3 bots, and completed the level.
The mission end screen showed stats, and rolled the loot: Merchants Vault, not bad for 1 book, 3 dice and nothing else (I don’t trust bots, I just wanted it done).

Rather than going back to the keep after showing me the chest reward, it started Hunger in the Dark from the beginning again.

I exited out of the mission, not wanting to do it all over again.

Completion shows for Battle Wizard, and the chest was also there.

Just weird that it didn’t return to the keep, wanted to at least provide logs for bug hunting.
Hope it helps.

Console log: 11:35:49.663 [Lua] Complete level triggered.11:35:49.663 [Lua] [LevelTransitio - Pastebin.com

I can provide the full log if required, but I cropped it from “mission complete” so that it could be shared easier. Please get in touch if I can help further.

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Hi @Xanoth,

Thanks for the report! This one is on our radar. There’s a current bug whereby if a host disconnects/leaves, then after the host migration, the level will replay a second time when completed. We’re working on it :slight_smile:

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