Missing cosmetics on Xbox series x

I have been playing vermintide 2 on Xbox series x for quite sometime now. I mostly played offline because at the time my internet was trash and not a lot of my friends fancied the game. I put a lot of hours into it and wouldn’t like to restart. The problem I’m having is that just recently I noticed that certain cosmetics i have earned through challenges have been disappearing, most recently the purity skin for warrior priest for sigmar and bounty hunter portrait. They do not appear in my inventories but the challenges say completed in okri’s book. I just also bought and downloaded the unsung heroes pack which also does show up, they do however show up online. I’ve cleared reserved space and tried reinstalling but to no avail. Was wandering if anyone has the same problem and if there is anything that can be done. It’s not really the end of the world for me but I would just like some closer.

Thank you

Progress in the offline version of the game does not carry over to the full online version. You can over ride your offline with online but it does not go the other way

Dosent solve the whole problem but i hope that helps

To add to Jacob’s comment above, did you earn those cosmetics/Okri’s Challenges whilst in ‘Offline’ mode, and are you experiencing this issue on ‘Offline’ mode specifically?

I have lost all my cosmetics too yesterday on xbox one and i just play offline plz fix this, i have reinstaled the game and dlcs, done hardreset to the console i have already restarted the game more than 30 times but nothing helps

unbelievable i have bought another helmet and that is already gone too plz help me :persevere::persevere:

Sorry about not clarifying, This is indeed only offline. I have completed these challenges offline and are gone on the offline profile. I also noticed the only rewards missing are the ones earned after recent update on Xbox, not sure if the has anything to do with it.

Thank you

What you’re both experiencing is the same as this:

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Yeah looks like we need to wait for the patch because a couple days have passed and nothing returned

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