Minotaur's standing headbutt inconsistently damages through block

I don’t know the cause but I know that it varies between different weapons/careers. Take these examples:


I haven’t tested extensively to see which weapons or careers it always goes through, but at the very least it always goes through axe & falch’s block.

I can confrim that is goes through my block on the axe and falchion every time, thought I was just going insane though.

When I was playing elf a bit earlier I was getting hit through block everytime on his 2nd attack in his 3 hit combo so I just get destroyed pretty fast when he agros me.

Just a random question about the headbutt have you noticed this inconsistency with Ungors? I have noticed that Ungor headbutts seems to chip a little damage off you if you block it over dogin. That video its not a little damage LOL but I wonder if its that mechanic not working probably with Minotaur headbutt.

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