Minorbuff to Blades of Faith(throwing knives zealot)

I just want to offer a insanely minor damage buff Blades of Faith. I find it very weird that the blades are completely usable in every difficulty, but then in diff 5 there is a less than 50 damage cutoff for killing elites and specials making it completely useless over the already superior other two grenades. They scale off base range damage and unfortunately even using the singular perk the damage 0-25% based on distance it is still unusuable as gunners will only die if u are nearly pointblank to them, so there are no perks or any way to make blades of Faith useful at all. If anyone else got any idea how make it work let me know.
Especially irritating when theres a zerker or flamer and u headshot them and they sit there literally 1 bullet to anything after. I know that Assail Psyker knives are going get nerfed realistically as they are slightly overtuned, but when you compare the two how can you consider it fair that there is such a difference.

Huh? When I checked them in meat grinder they 1 head shorted every Damn special except the mutant. I don’t remember my talent loadout but I don’t think I had any ranged damage increases in there.

Will do some more testing tonight I guess.

You might have had buffs on your weapon itself that affected the throwing knife. Doing bonus damage to manic or unarmored for example actually do buff the throwing knife. Whatever you have out buffs the weapon. However while that allows you to hit breakpoints, we really shouldnt need to build certain traits to buff a throwing knife. You can’t kill Flak shotgunners, dregs, and the yellow clothed gunners as they live super low.

Oh yeah good point, forgot weapon perks affect them. Yeah fair call, a minor base damage increase sounds reasonable.

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