Minor bugs with equipment and talent tree


Recently I’ve been dealing with three bugs on Xbox one.

The first bug is that my talents within my talent trees are being randomly switched when I change to another character or log off and back into the game. In Bardin’s ironbreaker talent tree, I have the level 5 talent Grudge-Borne equipped for the first tier. But when I change to another character or log off and back into the game, the talent tree has randomly changed the first tier talent to Rock-Breaker. Also, I am a level 35 Bardin and this doesn’t happen to the other talent tiers. Only the first one with each career and character. The talent trees are not saving the talents that I have equipped.

The second bug is that I have some blue gear that I want to dismantle into crafting material for Bardin but when I go into the dismantle section of crafting. The blue gear doesn’t appear but when I go back into the equipment section, the blue gear is still there. I have all red gear equipped for Bardin and I don’t have the blue gear equipped to any other character. So I don’t know why I can’t dismantle the blue gear.

The final bug is that the new equipment notification stayes even though I don’t have any new equipment or I have viewed all of my equipment.

Do you own Winds of Magic? If you do, check the Athanor crafting section and see if there is any equipment that’s flashing. This happens a lot on PC as well.

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