Miniature showoff

Come one come all and show off your wonderful miniatures and kitbashes.

Be it amature, professional or WIP let us share talent and knowladge.

I’ll start with one of my best kitbashes to date.


What happened really was, I was staring at tank bits and an extra pilot seat and this came together.

You ever ride a wheelchair? those things are fun.

looked into the lore, not really anything on wheelchairs in 40k [augmetics saw to that I guess] but I did find a in the novel “The house of night and chain” the protaganists personal driver had the area below their waistline replaced with tank threads after her guardsmen service. She could roll in and drive, it had a built in slot for her.

the uniform was painted around the time darktide was announced and was a guess of what an inquisitorial sgt would wear.

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