Share your 40k models!

I recently got into the tabletop hobby with Admech, and surprisingly there isn’t already a thread on this forum for this kinda stuff…so!

If you’re into the tabletop, whether it’s just to make cool models or if it’s for actually playing the game, feel free to share your stuff here!

Now then: behold, purple Admech!

These guys are still in-progress and need detailing and touch-ups done, but in the meantime, share your own work!


Here is a wee selection I did about 20 years or more ago.
They are old, dusty, badly photographed and a bit worn from being moved house numerous times, but this is generally my best. Iv not painted in a long time although I tried to get back in to it last year, it just hasnt happened yet.



Got 3/5 of my galvanic rifle rangers done. Need some finer detailing and touchups like the rest of the squad, but good enough for now.


Theyre awesome! Lovin the colour scheme, that purple is nice and seems to have a slight sheen, reminds me a wee bit of the metallic paints of old. Whats it called?

Naggaroth Night apparently. Came with the paint starter kit I picked up on the cheap.

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I found the colour. Reminds me of a purple version of Polished Blue which I still have, it used to be my older brothers then I inherited it.

edit: its still wet, for anyone wondering :star_struck:

Update: the skittle squad is finished! I got bored and came up with The Lore for them as well.

All tech-priests are proud, and those not from Mars, who strain at the leashes of their Solar cousins and resent the power of the First Forge, are even more so. Yet rare indeed is the Forge World that takes it to such lengths as that of the distant Fabius Barca.

Conquered in the long-forgotten times of the great Crusade, the prideful masters of the forge refused to bow their necks and wear Martian red, instead adopting royal purple and bronze as their colors as a calculated - and petty - act of defiance. They have maintained their own credo of techno-worship, which they maintain is vitally different from those of other forges - though even learned scholars would struggle to identify the precise doctrinal differences.

In battle, the forces of Fabius Barca display uncommon care to preserve their forces and reduce casualties, often choosing to engage from longer range than normal for Imperial forces. Similarly, the Vanguard type of Skitarii is rare among their ranks, as the inevitable effects of their rad-weaponry upon both troops and environment is viewed as an unacceptable long-term cost, and many of their vehicle designs are modified to make the pilot less…disposable, viewing accumulated experience as valuable enough to accept reduced performance. They also refuse to deploy any elements of the Legio Cybernetica - either because they regard the combat robots within their care as too precious to risk, or, more likely, that they possess none.

Regardless of their alleged restraint and mindfulness, it is less a matter of the magi of Fabius Barca actually caring for the troops under their command - more than once they have fought bitter and seemingly pointless wars with the very same forces they have preserved across a dozen lesser conflicts. It is simply a slightly longer point of view - every servitor that must be replaced with vat-grown duplicates, every Skitarii that must be forged from a young fleshling, is a cost to the calculus of war that must be accounted for.

It is rumored as well that Fabius Barca retains STC printouts and patterns for long-lost vehicles such as the Krios Battle Tank, Triaros Armored Conveyor, and Macrocarid Explorator - but these rumors have little to back them up. Perhaps, in their dusty and dismal halls, the techno-lords of the Royal Forge do possess such treasures…but if that is the case, they do not utilize them, whether from pride or stubborn refusal to turn the designs over to Mars.


I would love to see more models from peeps in here. Come on yall, dont be shy :partying_face:


I’ll post some of my DG tomorrow probably. I don’t really have any good model lighting stuff.

I also have some custom made chaos spawn I am super proud of but I haven’t painted them yet.


Some aren’t 40k but, well part of whatever collection I have left after 80% was donated or lost/destroyed from moving.

(And me trying to cosplay as Ergo [Ap]prox[imation])


Seriously cool stuff!!!

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Working on an Ironstrider!