Happy pride month!

[apolagies for camera quality.]
Fair greetings to the kin of many makes and models.

Last years pride month I looked at allot of projects and items that celerbrated pride month and I found that, well they slapped a rainbow texture over it and called it a day.

I felt we could be more creative with the process so I set a personal challenge of painting models in the colours of their respective flags in lore freindly manners.

for the rules of the challenge I avoided space marines as while they’re perfect for freedom of design I wanted to challenge myself and use races with typically more constrained colour palletes.

So on the side I began work on the models, mostly just base coated in their current states. I got lost in Votann projects as of late.

The rainbow I thought might be the most challenging but thinking about it there are a few flashy races that can use it well.
but what I settled on was a Skink preist.


my first foray in drybrush fading and was really happy with the result.

Non-binary was an easy choice put forth by one such non-binary freind.
the other one will end up an insecticon I know it.

The last one I managed to do in my mad pile of weird projects was the intersex flag. only 2 colours… but felt leaving out the iconic circle would have lost something from the final peice.
I found that tasteful solution in the end.

hopefully one day fatshark adds skeleton themed cosmetics to their games, I love skeletons. I wish to have a servoskull for a head in darktide.

So yeah, I encourage folk to try it, pick a flag, limit your colours and paint something fun.


Kudos, lizardmen seem to be made for this!

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that they were.

in hindsight you could probley make the rainbow work on some funky slaanesh, trippy tzeentch, radical orks, rainbow warrior space marines obviously, any type of bastard elf, Imperial knights and if you hate your functioning hand… irredescent tyranids.

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