Mid game joins arent fun as they are

  1. dont put me in a mission where 2 or more people are already dead

  2. don’t spawn me in front of the entire horde

  3. have me spawn at half health minimum, instead of me joining at no tough and 1hp in front of 3 heavy guns

  4. have a catchup mechanic, if I spawn at the start and my team is halfway across the map how am i supposed to catch up to them reasonably, its not fun for them and its not fun for me

  5. out of the 10 or so mid-mission joins I’ve recorded I’ve finished 1, 3 of those missions me and sometimes others spawn in the floor, or we spawn with no ammo/health/toughness/in front of the horde and 6 missions 2 or more teammates we already downed or dead.

why should me and my team be punished because you couldn’t be bothered to import the same ai system you had in vermintide. i get it’s a more complex system of interaction and the enemy ai is actually very impressive. but the ai teammates are just a coherency bonus and that’s it, they might as well not be there as they don’t inherit your builds as they did in verminitde, nor can you choose what classes they are

the amount of systems they had in vermintide which made it as outstanding as it is, that are just flat-out missing from this game is genuinely insane.