Messy results with melee next to the wall (video included)

ive no words to say.

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It sounds like your sword gets stuck on the wall behind the dummy. Question is, would you hit the dummy if your sword wouldn’t get stuck on the wall? Because if you would hit him then this wouldn’t be a problem. You can’t get stuck on tterrain in an actual mission. So if you place the dummy somewhere with no walls or crates arround it, does this still happen?

the problem is, phantom swing not always happened. which is weird, it should have same behavior regardless of wall issue.

You better do not test swing

  1. on dummy
  2. near walls


  1. dummy moves when you hit it
  2. swinging sword near wall stops it
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i fully understand player shouldnt be able to hit through objects but as you can see result is messy, having different behavior when attacks. guess i named the title wrongly.

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