"Merging" 2 Scriptures into 1 (but still counts toward Melk Contracts and mission end rewards)

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Apparently it’s possible to “force” two scriptures to occupy just one operator.
It still counts toward Melk’s contract (I was worried the scripture just disappeared) and end of the mission rewards.
While it wasn’t my goal to do it (I was frantically trying to pass my scripture to Ogryn on the ladder) that was the outcome.
Also “merged” scripture will not unmerge and can be passed as a bundle from now on (tested).

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. Play Relay Station TRS-150
  2. Secure at least 1 scripture (2 are very close to each other on this map and this week so it’s easy to try it out)
  3. Get to the location on Pic_1
  4. Get a 2nd player on the ladder while you hold on to your scripture (do not pick up one by the ladder on Pic_2)
  5. Try to pass scripture to grab scripture by the ladder, while he jumps off to grab scripture by the ladder (redundancy is here to make a point).
  6. Start panicking about one of the scriptures disappearing.
  7. Be mopey about missing scripture throughout the mission.
  8. Ask Bro-gryn (other player) to give it to you just in case.
  9. See it did not turn into two.
  10. Get sad, then confused when mission rewards are shown
  11. See Melk quest for final confirmation. Yep… 11 + 2 is not 14.
  12. Feel overwhelming responsibility and report your findings.

Disclaimer: Pic 1 and 2 are not mine, I had to borrow them from a youtube video on scripture locations on this map to sound somewhat coherent.

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Relay Station TRS-150

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No, I don’t use mods

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PC - Steam

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Lt. Davin Felth


Today, 28.12.2023 11:45-12:15-ish [GMT+1]

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