Mercenary ultimate raw talent rework

As most of people agrees on mercenary ult is very good but this still doesen’t mean that his ultimate talent raw couldn’t get some tweaks.
Recently in the BBB a lot of ultimate raws have gotten tweaks most of them were good changhes and one of them was in fact mercenary.
The problem with this is that mercenary ultimate raw compared to most of all other careers has and always had one option that it’s objectively the best option compared to the other regardless of playstyle. Before it was the damage reduction now it’s the cooldown reduction and the resurrection one has always been kinda bad since to be worth something one teammate has to go down. Other problem is that i find all the options reactive action i would like to see the mercenary with something active like the ultimate increase attack speed or crit chance for all the team or give some other type of offensive buff (enemyes hit by ultimate take 20% more damage, doesnt stack with similar effects), or just increased hero power to not be forced to only use the ultimate defensivly.
I would like to hear the thoughts of the community in regard to this.

his 20% ult cooldown is the best? i always find it so lacking due to only being 20%, i feel forced to use 10% ult cooldown on trinket too and that i have to use it the second i get it, otherwhise i feel like im wasting ult cooldown

i feel like his dmg reduction on ult is still the best, simply because i think on yer feet is garbage, and that the 20% cooldown force me to use 10% ult cooldown on trinket and using his ult differently than i want

To each their own. I only use the revive talent in pubs - you never know when someone gets surrounded and downed and this allows you to quickly pick them up and give the team some breathing room while allowing you to keep clearing.
Sure, it’s useless most of the time, and pretty underwhelming on average, but when it is useful, it can save a run.

Imo the rez is as good as its bad.
Mainly due to noone expecting it means they can die eveny quicker than if not used.
The other two at least allow him to lie around longer.

Yeah the mercs ult row can feel a bit lacking at times. I think the damage reduction one should be unnerfed, it wasn’t too powerful to begin with, it’s mostly just the other 2 choices were kind of underpowered. I’d change the ult talents to be something like this.

Walk it off: Morale Boost reduces damage taken by affected allies by 40% for 10 seconds.

Ready for Action: Reduces your cooldown by 20%. Morale Boost reduces affected allies cooldowns by 10% (so basically you have a 30% cooldown and allies within range of your shout get 10% cut off their cooldown)

On yer feet, mates: Morale Boost generates an extra 10 temp health and revives fallen allies. (this way it does something when no one is down)

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It was with additive DR, barkskin + any other sources eg blade barrier. However, I do think multiplicative DR may have been enough to pull it in line on its own. It could certain safely be 30% without a huge issue now.

Yes, it could certainly go up by 5%.
As for the middle choice, I actually preferred the “less thp, faster cooldown” - just not “no thp”.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully respect your preference, but that talent collides with the philosophy of the ult… because the ult is meant to be “spammed”, in order to create a continuous “flow of tHP”… if you save the ult to revive allies, you waste tHP… if you spam the ult, probably it will be on cooldown when someone gets downed.

Why is it “meant” to do that? To me, it is mainly a tool of massive stagger.
There was even, until recently, a Talent that removed the THP to allow you to stagger more often.
Only of course, thp also stops thp decay for a bit, so that choice was completely underwhelming.
So I think there’s multiple things this active does.

I meant that less you use it, less tHP you give. So, saving it for a downed ally, hasn’t a good “synergy” with the ult.

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