Markus Kruber Mercenary Needs some slight buffs

Merc is one of the strongest carreers in game and his lack of “boss killing power” and not being able to use his paced strikes reliably against bosses and single big targets is the only thing that keeps him from being overpowered. His talents are actually choices, most of the time, and I only see some need to tweak them a little bit. I’d like to see the passive DR from level 10 disregard temp health (as any ability should that is triggered by having low health), I’d like to see “Strike Together” provide some other benefit to Kruber himself (either +5% attack speed or having to hit one fewer enemy to proc the paced strikes), and I’d REALLY like to see the CDR on level 25 go and be replaced with a more offensive option (+10% attack speed to anyone affected by the shout would be cool), and the “Get on your feet” thing to be a more defensive option (it should provide additional damage reduction in addition to picking up).


Well his CD reduction is one of best here, you can with health share and live on your ult temp hp (both option here is good but i would say 30% is stronger than more hp, mostly because its push back enemies)

I would say more, Kruber dont need to be another Shade, she is good/great at everything and its quite boring, sniping specials use crossbow, horde clear no problem, boss … deleted, dodge range/count hah, supporting team, go invisible and stagger everything because you have push for 1 stamina instead of 2.

Precisely the reason I want it gone. It just outshines the two other choices because the CD is still fairly long without it.

Well I wouldn’t say its outshine, mostly because his pick up effect is very good and often its just only thing that can save ppl (with its working through walls etc)

If we go with your “(+10% attack speed to anyone affected by the shout would be cool)”
that would still outshine rest of the options as much as the cdr is doing it right now.
Personally i think the problem is with the other 2 which could receive some tweaks to make them bit more interesting, especially the increased temp health one is rarely if ever useful.

More the Merrier + EXE sword is one of the best ways of dealing with armour in a horde as the horde numbers buff your overhead on a CW or SV.

Merc is probably the one talent tree that allows experimentation without completely hamstringing yourself. Other talent trees should be built with the general ethos of the Mercs build in mind. He is quite viable IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING with virtually all of the avialable weapons and trinkets.

[edit] I think I might be feeding a troll by even replying.


Well, you won’t be feeding him anymore. Looks like his 3rd account got hit with the ban hammer of sigmar.


I think He should be more of a combat Medic then just rather an Medic , there’s some slight changes need to be done .

Just go online and see what builds other people run. Because all the things you mentioned can be done/ can be usefull in a given build. For reference check out this rather bizarre but very on point guide here:

I tried all three builds and they all work pretty darn well. Currently running the defensive one with halberd and it’s a blast (also shows you that desperate defiance can do quite a lot for you). I also tried the “supportive dude” and just works fine as well and is also quite enjoyable.


Funny enough, I also prefer to play the support role on Mercenary Kruber (despite the insane breakpoints he can reach with his power/crit increases). I always get super excited when my Paced Strikes get spread across the team; I then pick the biggest anti-armor weapon I can find and go straight for the enemy armor.

Playing him as a defensive powerhouse with tons of built-in healing is fun to me. Then again, my second favorite build on him is to Grab The More the Merrier! and proceed to absolutely annihilate anything in my way with the Two-Handed Sword. I’m still using my Mercenary shout to restore temp HP for the team, but it’s mostly being used to keep me swinging instead of blocking.

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