Map selection but is still there. cant see maps that we actually want to play or they disappear and ARE NOT EXPIRED


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Issue Description:
in title. maps are hidden for no apperant reason when map rearranges itself. very annoying when the map u want to play disappears and your only option is to hit quickly and hope u get the hidden map

Steps to Reproduce:
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look at map. something is probably invisable right now

[Steam/Microsoft Store]

I think I know what you mean.

I’ve had the same thing, where a mission that still has time left, on the mission board, will vanish. I’ve assumed this is because the game generated a new one, which then pushed it off the visible ones, since there is some kind of maximum.

I’ve also had the missions that disappeared return again, this is most noticable with very long duration ones (I’ve had some missions that had 70 minute timers)

Either way I agree with the OP. It’s very annoying. But I’m hoping they scrap RNG missions anyway, since they are CRAP.

bump. this is a problem. i am currently waiting on a T5 map w/ the secondary objective i need for my contracts and its got a fun modifier that i want to play. the other option is not fun. i tried to quickplay and 50/50 it. still not working. been a few updates since i reported this