Making it possible to create profane weapons with higher power, at increased cost


Just leaving some feedback about the current system for customizing weapons along with a suggestion for a quality of life change I would like to see in regards to that system.

What I am referring to specifically is buying profane level (grey) weapons from Brunt’s Armory . Overall, I find the weapon customization system is pretty good as it is now. Having which perks/blessings you get randomized when upgrading can lead to moments of “SWEET!” when you get a tier 4 blessing/perk. And having a limit so a player is only able to switch out one of each type (blessings/perks) seems pretty fair to me. However, I don’t like the weapon power range with which BA creates profane level weapons (It seems to be 300 to 380 for me; all my operatives are level 30).

What I don’t like about it is that ,with the current range, it feels like for every weapon I want to keep I am generating a dozen or more weapons that I immediately get rid of. It can feel pretty annoying to spend 100K+ Ordo Dockets and BA gives you an experience like “crap, crap, crap, don’t want, don’t want, more crap, more crap, all my money is gone; thanks Darktide.”

Now granted, I could be using the weapon customization system inefficiently or something like that. My understanding is, generally speaking, with all else being the same, a weapon with a substantially higher base power is better; i.e. a 370 weapon is probably better than a 360 weapon. And I understand that a player is just spending in-game currency with Brunt’s Armory; so one can just play the game and get more.

What I am suggesting is I would like to see Brunt’s Armory have an option to create weapons within a specific power range , for example, 360 - 370, 370 - 380 etc., at a correspondingly higher cost then the base cost of using the BA slot machine. Personally, I would prefer to be grinding away generating Ordo Dockets knowing I can buy one weapon I want to keep rather than using the slot machine and MAYBE getting one or two keepers along with the two dozen garbage items I will subsequently get rid of.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I suggest custom orders where we spend dockets, plasteel and diamatine for a customized piece of equipment. You choose the stat distribution and base rating for a higher cost.




I pre-agree

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given the difficulty of making a weapon and a cost i don’t understand why you would want to increase the cost in anyway.

how about just let us roll 380 base weapons for the same cost, its not like every roll will even be the ones we want.

whats up with the masochism?

getting a max power level item in V2 is guaranteed after a certain amount of time at no increased cost, and that system worked fine.

My ‘solution’ to the horrors of Brunts would be to let you improve the floor of the rating by 1 every purchase until it maxes out at 380. You still need to waste almost a million dockets PER WEAPON, but at least that grinding could amount to anything at all. And you’d still have to sit there and wait for one with the idealized weapon modifier spread anyway, and then throw it through Hadron…but at least Brunts would do something.

you are masochistic, thats nuts, why would you ask for that?

ask them to fix crafting, not to make you suffer.

It took 4 months for them to deliver the crafting that was somehow infinitely worse than Hedge’s pre launch post, so assuming its not going to evolve for the worse again is crazy.

Brunts as it is does nothing, so I don’t know how enabling it to turn those 40-50 presses into better weapons would be masochism. But hey I’m all ears. I guess its infinitely better as a literal slot machine so heavily weighed against you can spend even more than what I suggested and still get nothing. That is preferrable to you? Look at the development pace and whose at the wheel, an actual new system is a project for the next game at this point. Kinda like all the people suggesting we waste time making power sword half way between no effort power fantasy and an actual weapon you might think about using, totally beyond the current dev team and a flight of fancy. I would rather have more game.

The forum sent me a notification, claiming that this was a reply to me.
But i have no idea what you are referring to, or if you really were replying to me.
Can you add a citation?

The blessing locks I think are far from fair. But otherwise, yes, the acquisition of higher tier weapons is painful and tedious.

I don’t think its masochism, I think people are just trying to reach a comprismise with Fatshark since they seem so intent on having lots of rng levels present.

Thinking goes like, “They probably won’t overall the whole system to remove all RNG, but they might introduce a change to make it a little bit more bearable.”


so its Stockholm syndrome, my apologies.


Yeah, that sounds about right.
Otherwise, there would be other people criticizing the crafting system and suggesting alternatives, but this is the first time I’m hearing about it, so, definitively a “you” issue.

Yeah when people aren’t even playing the game its stockholm syndrome lol. This is the we’ve been to conseling and these are the improvements I want to see if we keep going at all phase. Most people are also there, suggesting changes before giving up.

Better to sit there and cry ‘take it out’ I guess, providing solutions is masochistic, nuts. After all we all remember VT2’s crafting being ripped out and totally remade right? Not just minor improvements like red dust, in a similar manner to these suggestions? Better to pee-potty those threads with whine posts?

Its called ‘realism’.

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