Make stamina shields blue again!

At least make it an option, the orange shields are triggering me and make me sad.


And please change the language to old english used in the 7th century - I can’t stand all those changes :rofl:

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They stand out easier and I think that was the intention.

I’m sure someone will make a mod to turn them blue or some other color…hell, maybe have patterns

What?? The blue shields stand out so much more! The orange/brown ones blend in with the handle of my two handed hammer and almost disappear when my screen goes red after using the slayers leap. It should at least be an option to go back to blue.

Best would probably be to make then pink.
But indeed, I think blue was ok. Well, depends on the map and weapon, I guess.
Maybe we’ll get visual customization down the line.

They were blue the whole time in v1, I DISLIKE THIS

it looks like dirty nails or sth :face_vomiting:

Wrong language. Reikspiel is (intended to be) PSeudo German, so if anything it should be like this:


I’ve got bad-color-seeing eyeballs (deuteranopia) and I greatly prefer the orange shields.

So they should keep the orange ones for like color blind mode, they have the shields already in the game it wouldnt be hard to add an option to change the color

Yep the new color looks very bad. Sorta brown and boring. Blends in with the background too.

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