Make Psyker's Force Sword special attack count as Brainburst

Currently, the Force Sword is a very mediocre melee weapon whose animations are designed to deal damage to single enemies, and which does not have an adequate combo of attacks to deal damage to crowds, which is extremely bad for a character who already has a dedicated ability to kill single targets.

And with this serious drawback, there is currently no reason for a Psyker player to use Force Sword in general, and it’s special attack in particular.

You expose yourself to melee damage by using an attack with an extremely long animation during which you cannot move, only to deal 0-300 extra damage (varies by sword stats, keep in mind that you can deal significantly higher damage numbers if your sword has properties “damage against Elites/Specials”, which is bugged at the moment and adds a lot more damage than it should).

If you make it so that this attack is considered a Brainburst, then the Force sword will begin to synergize with all the psyker’s perks that also affect Brainburst. This would be a High Risk, High Reward option for the Psyker if balanced properly.

Oh and by the way, the animation of the death of enemies from this special attack is already identical to that of Brainburst.


I think this would be cool. Two birds with one stone, give us a way to reliably use BB and make the Force sword less garbage.

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Eh. Psyker’s entire kit needs a rework. Id rather not just tack on BB to Force Sword.

Force sword is good against hordes, albeit clunky. What id do is change the combo path so the Light 1 - Heavy 2 combo loops into itself similar to halberd on VT2 to make it more straightforward against groups. Right now you have to block cancel or it goes into Light 1 Heavy 2 Light 3.

Also the special should be similar to the power sword for the cleaving attacks. Heavy 1 and Light 3 unchanged, all other attacks get a cleave and damage buff instead of the single target slowdown/burst effect.

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Or if not giving a brain burst with the powered up sword, at least get a warp charge from it.

BB on Force Sword would solve many issues with WC upkeep and make melee psyker somewhat viable. I still cant understand whoever balances the classes, because psyker hits like a wet noodle with everything he got, while zealot etc. are running around with 97% damage reduction, can almost solo damnation… frustrating at this point.

It feels like many of the requests were already in the game, but were scrapped.