Make Mind in Motion baseline

Mind in Motion should be baseline. You walk at the normal movement speed when reloading a gun and now that passive quelling with non-force weapons is the sluggish slow you need to actively quell more than ever.

Active quelling should come with no movement speed penalty and Mind in Motion should instead be “Allow the psyker to move at normal speed while channeling spells or aiming down sights”.


Unless they revert their ‘fix’, then yes mind in motion needs to be baseline. It also needs to work on staves and force swords. Remove the slowdown completely.

They would also need to make Staff passive quelling much better, and they would also need to make the quell stats of the staff global - meaning the staff passive quell works on both melee and BB, and the staff active quell works on BB.

Or, you know, just undo their ‘fix’.


I initially thought they had slightly lowered the passive quell speed of non force weapons, and increased the passive quell speed of force weapons to match it.
That would have made sense to me, but simply making passive quell so bad for all weapons instead… don‘t understand.


The lack of communication of design intent in this update reinforced the feeling that FS has a thing against Psyker for some reason. I’d like to know what kinds of builds FS employees are running behind the scenes, and why they don’t seem to understand how players are using Psyker and their kit.

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