Make it so being attacked is calculated on client, not host

This is the single biggest issue encountered by players who have high ping.
Ping is inevitable, it’s going to happen, whether you’re playing in low hours, or from a country with a smaller playerbase, or just any of the myriad of things that can lead to you having no choice but to play with a host who gives you bad ping. That’s fine, it’s inevitable.

However, it’s currently nigh unplayable at pings higher than 200 (and 200 itself is still a curse), and this is primarily because whether you get hit by an attack or not is determined by the host. What does this mean? It means that by the time you hear the backstab sound warning you that you’re about to get hit in the back, it’s already too late. It means that you’ll be hit through your block, because the host saw you get hit so he tells your client ‘you got hit’, regardless of the fact that you’re holding your guard up with full stamina.

It means that you basically have to compensate for the lag, blocking much earlier than you normally should to be able to actually defend against attacks, and things that you could get away with as host or with low ping (blocking at the last second, dodging an attack at the right time) are impossible with ping.

However, if whether or not you got hit was calculated by the client, then none of this would happen. AI behavior can still remain in the hands of the host, all that matters is that the client only takes damage/loses stamina when the client itself registers that he got hit, just like if he was hosting. Ping would still affect laggy clients negatively, of course. Grabbing items takes a few moments to sync up, everything you attack takes damage a few moments later, but the main issue that makes the game unplayable at high ping would be dealt with.
This means that high ping, while still a factor, will no longer kill your ability to play, it’d mean that even if the playerbase diminished to a fraction of what it was you could still have fun with a lobby of 1 us, 1 south african, 1 japanese and 1 irish players or something, it’d mean bridging communities.

But, naturally, it’d mean a painful amount of work, most likely. Not an expert, but I’m sure a change to the nature of the client/host interaction is probably a lot of work, and possibly even buggy, but I firmly believe that the benefits would be substantial enough to be worth it.


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