'Make every shot count' is borderline impossible

The ‘Make every shot count’ penance is outrageously difficult solely because of the requirement to have no ammo left at the end of the mission because some feats allow you and your teammates to regain ammunition for killing specialists/elites… I believe that removing the requirement to have no ammo left should be removed.

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That would probably lead to 1 shot and then melee. Similar to one of the zealot penances.

They could also tweak the requirements so that you must shoot a minimum of around 50 shots with 100% accuracy.

I agree… nothing more to say.

But, lot of penances are a pain to complete (i think about the psyker goin out with a bang and the one where you have to kill 5 specials in less than 12s).
But, this one, is really a bad penance.

I have only one last pen to do - 90% damage to monstrosity with BB. Every time i play psyker and asking people to help me if there will be plague ogryn (don’t wana burden randoms to do it on nurgle beast) game spawns 2 nurgle beasts.

Nurgle beast is really good to do this penance.

I did it and I had not the good feats. Teammates had let me the monster. I played with it a lot of time (cause not the good feats), and it was easy.
I would advice to put Mind in motion (as I had not it, I had to switch to the staff every time to quell peril) and kinetic barrage.

And off course you need a place where you can play dog and cat with the nurgle beast. The mission of the cryo bars is the one I succeeded to complete it.
We’ve met the beast just before the lift.

Other players have to stay here to reanimate you if you fail (I once did it for someone else to allow him to complete the penance).

Tbh, I have more difficulties with the penances I quoted, than I had for this one (and I was surprised it was so easy).

EDIT: in this mission, 2 psykers completed this penance.

Yeah well it just takes more effort to do it with randoms on nurgle beast, because it has more hp and slows down with vomit, so i’m not even trying. I probably will wait untill one lucky day game will spawn ogryn for my psyker.

kill 5 specials in less than 12s

I did it solo on hi t5 long time ago when noone was playing it, so it was kinda ez. Now you probably need someone to help in a private game. Chasm Logistratum is a good one for that, game often spawns roaming elites right at the start, on a bridge, just need to wait for specials spawn (wich happens fast on hi) so there will be a lot of targets. And Kinetic Barrage feat obviously.
Don’t remember how i did “goin out with a bang”, but if i remember correctly did both at once. Warp Charge stacks increase suicide blow damage also so you need to get 6 of them first.

if you can get the team to work with you, a shield ogryn can tank a deamon host for as long as necessary while you kill it. DH are monster so it should work.

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it works
I have seen someone that di it like that… less fun if you ask me. :grin:

It is very difficult. you need great melee ability, and a team that will carry you until a monster or final boss assassin. Then you unload on that target while others play defensive. Bring the worst ammo stat shotgun or revolver you can find. Toughness curios to take hits to make sure you are going to hit with your shots. Get up and personal with your targets. Do not shoot your team OR Ogryn shields.

The ammo you gain from special abilities does no count (i have been told) BUT even if it does, the assassin mission has mobs to shoot after the boss is dead to clear out the extra 2 or so ammo.

I have yet to do it. It is very hard to get pugs to help with the difficult Penances. I have one on each class as the only ones left to get. None of them promote good gameplay, and all require some form of assistance in some way.

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Not a bad idea to use the boss mission for this. But yeah that seems so frustrating

Honestly, I would suggest the Darktide Discord server. I am not on there, but if I did not have a play group already that is where I would go to see if anyone wanted to do some Penance farming. Little bit of you scratch my back, I help you explode your head on three elites :stuck_out_tongue: