Will Make every shot count be reworked?

Can we get some official response on this?
I’ve seen a few of the Psyker penances have been relaxed a little, will this receive the same treatment.
Not missing a single shot for 20-30 minutes is an absurd request of the player.
Vet even regens ammo and that makes this even harder to perform.
I want to try to unlock my gasmask and I don’t think I’ll honestly do it with this penance as is


Honestly it’s not hard at all as far as penances go. Take a low-ammo weapon like the revolver on an assassination mission, and just unload on the boss at close range. Penance complete; just make sure you step away from your teammates afterwards so you don’t regen ammo if one of them kills a special or elite before the mission ends.

Hard? no, it’s not.
It sure is tedious though, only taking shots that are safe? hope your other players are good enough to kill your share of specials.
Hope that someone doesn’t snipe your target as you pull the trigger.
I’ve already ruined a run by trying for this penance today

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A lot of the penances are awful, and prevent players from fully contributing to the team. People play with these goofy, hindering playstyles to satisfy penance requirements (and contracts).

If they didn’t lock you out of cosmetics, and were just achievements that would be fine - but since nearly everyone wants access to the cosmetics, nearly everyone ends up playing in these goofy ways and, no-fault-of-their-own, asks the team to not kill certain creatures, or asks if there can be a short pause so they can try to do something. . . really makes the game worse in my opinion. : /


+1 to “A lot of the penances are awful, and prevent players from fully contributing to the team.”

Penance Quests are easily the worst part of this game. It’s tragic that so many cosmetics are locked behind them. q_q

I’m alright with the general idea behind the Penace Quests, but some of the specific tasks are just insane and encourage awful teamwork. :confused:

A lot of the quests need to be reworked.