Make Cataclysm automatically drop an Emperor's Vault

I definitely agree that making it more accessible would be useful, but I think even for consistent cata players actual rewards would encourage them to play it more. As it is now the only real point is the borders and if you’re bored of legend at that point, everything else is better done on legend.

There’s honestly a bunch of stuff you could suggest if it wasn’t locked behind DLC, but seeing as it is I don’t think there’s much to improve the playerbase apart from making the loot less terrible.

I don’t really get the downside to doing so honestly, if people are just throwing runs to try to get a chest they could get anyway on legend wouldn’t their rewards end up worse?


I don’t really understand what you mean.

What do you mean with this?

And this

Edit: let me try an answer it below in the hopes i understand it correctly.

The real point is challenge. The only real point isn’t the frame or achievements. You still get the same loot as on legend, so you are not missing out, yes legend is faster but it might be super boring for someone who can do cata reliably.

I don’t see why we should add loot to cata. Once you start adding better loot to cata, players will be forced to buy dlc, cata will be flooded by legend qp players and half of them will adjust and the other half will just play for loot and get carried, which still happens in legend right now. Then players will ask for nerfs because ‘it shouldn’t be so hard’ in the most popular difficulty etc etc. Which is happening with legend aswell. Yes it brings new players in, it’s gonna be very accesible but the ceiling will be lowered. I know this is a casual game, but then let the hardcore or veteran players atleast keep cata, and if someone new buys the dlc for the challenge then i’m sure everyone in cata will have no issues taking him along and making him comfortable around cata.

Edit2: also doesn’t help that cata is in one of the worst dlc packs, with many negative reviews.

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When someone reaches the point where they want to play cata, - not for the loot -, but for the challenge, then they can buy a WoM key for a half a price or lower, which is actually the usual/acceptable price for V2 DLCs, even if you skip Weaves. And for that money you do get cata, a map, beastmen and weapons and Okri stuff.

I agree with the author. But to do so, that would fall out of the legendary chest of the highest rank just for playing on the cataclysm, it does not fit into the mechanics of this game in itself. Rather, it is easier to make a new type of chest for the cataclysm, just with a higher chance of falling out of red things, x1.5 for example in comparison with the legendary ones ( I don’t think it’s wise anymore ). I still don’t play in the cataclysm, because there is no motivation, although the legend is enough for me personally.

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I would prefer a new chest type, but there might be uproar about that.
It’s also more work to implement.

Challenge is motivation enough. Leave cata alone

Seriously if you guys want better stuff go do deeds its gives tons more boxes

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Cata at this point has zero actual draw to get you to play the mode past challenge, which people will eventually get over pretty quickly anyway. Anyone who doesn’t have all the weapons they want and is a half decent player is in this weird in between where legend is boring, but cata is not hard enough to be worth doing for that alone, and also doesn’t really reward you past a border. It’s just kind of there, sitting in this weird pointless state.

If people are exclusively playing for the slightly better chest quality in cata and aren’t good enough to win, they will lose a bunch of runs and end up getting worse loot than they would have in legend. The only reason people can get away with being hard carried in legend is because legend is pretty easy, and there’s plenty of people who can solo it floating around in pubs (at least in my region).

I don’t think this is the case, it’s mostly events that stand out from the rest somehow that people want toned down. All events are much harder than they were in the past.

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You still get the same legend droprates in cata as in legend. It’s more challenging then legend, can be combined with twitch or deeds and you don’t miss out of loot. If cata is not hard enough for that specific player, then he could still do cata and farm reds but it would be less boring for him.

Yes you are correct, but most people don’t think like that because they don’t know the droprates (nobody does accuratly). If a cata chest had 1% more red drop chance, everyone would play cata just because they feel it can drop better loot even tho it’s so miniscule. Might sound arrogant but if you join a cata lobby most players there are pretty good, and you don’t need 4 players pulling their weight to complete a cata run. You can do it with 2 good players and bots, so if someone hypotetically from legend comes just to get chests and he joins a lobby with old school cata players then he would get carried, the more legend players come over the more chance they will be put in a lobby together and then they will fail depending of their skill ofc.

So to make it intresting for a legend player to make the jump, the drop rates would have to be significant increased and i don’t agree with that

Exactly my point