Make Bots stick with Host

Sugestition: Make the Bots stick with the host.

Goes for single player games and when you have 1-2 stand-in bots for players.


Isn’t this already happening?
I mean, when I host, my bots stay so close to me that I can see their empty eyes looking at me, fixated…

When a second player joins your game, sometimes the bots will switch to following that new player.


Kinda disagree about this.

Only reasonable thing would be that if you have 2 players: player A and player B and bot Y and bot Z to make it A+Y B+Z
And if you have 3 players and 1 bot to make sure the bot will try to catch up to someone who is kinda separating from group so it would be A+B and player C+Z

Anything else doesn’t makes sence at all. There is unwritten rule to not go alone and even bots should follow that rule.

I think the ideal solution would be to have the bots use a buddy system so that they try to make sure that nobody is ever alone, but if not that, they should stick with the host. Whether they’ll stick with you through a fight or not is pretty unpredictable right now and it’s really frustrating to have everything under control and then start taking damage because the bots decided to run off into the distance to help the elf kill two slave rats.

It would be better to know where they’re going to be, even if that means they’re not going to be with me.

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What I understood from first topic was that bots tends to follow second player and leave host alone, this is the thing I would solve with what I have written.

However if you want bots to stick closer to you and not run for one slave rat, I would recomend this white-listed mod:

Description from mod: (cltr+c ctrl+v)

A set of various tweaks that empower the fighting capabilities of bots in a fair manner.

The mod currently features 3 modifications :

1 - Better Melee Choices: The bots will now favor normal attacks over charged much more, unless their target would not be damaged by normal attacks.

2 - Stay Closer: Whenever enemies are nearby, the bots will stay much closer to human players, making them more reliable during hordes.

3 - Ping Elites: The bots will ping any elites that attack them, within the same limits of what a player could do. This will trigger appropriate voicelines and Witch-Hunt buffs.

Each of these features can be independantly toggled on and off in the mod options.

Even in single player the bots like to run off and die alone.

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