Make all grenades high utility

Zealot has a stun nade that’s just as strong in malice as it is in damnation.
Obviously because it’s got a useful effect and that’s a large long aoe stun that no one pulls out to kill anything with.

Weapons in damnation and heresy just out damage every grenade and BB so when you go to heresy all grenades feel weak besides zealot.

If you give all of them some kind of utility they will be pulled out when you find your self in a tight spot instead of just been kinda bad.

If the ogryns box actually stunned for 5 seconds and 10 seconds on head shot as well you could throw it into reaper heads and stopped been locked down by them.

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Both zealot and veteran grenades (especially zealot) are amazing at getting a time window to revive someone. Ogryn’s basic grenades one shot mutants, which I find rather useful.

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