Grenade scaling

I don’t know how the grenades scale, but I’m guessing the response is basically “they don’t”.

The zealot stun grenade is always great on any difficulty, but the damage of the other three massively fall off in high difficulties.

Making them just directly scale with difficulty or character level is a lazy solution imo. I would consider making a minor equipment slot for grenades, something like curios. That way they scale naturally and there’s some extra levers to make them interesting, even if it’s very bare bones at first. Plus, we could definitely do with some more slots to be excited over crafting for.

Edit: The psyker’s blitz gear would be a ring, a wristband, a rosary, a figurine, some kind of psy-focus

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Vet grenade on higher difficulty, for me, is used to create space and stagger enemies. Its not a kill tool, except maybe thrown in sequence at chaff horde. When a player gets surrounded by Bulwarks or stuck in a corner, I use it to make the space needed to exit.

Ogryn explosive grenade is the same, stagger and create space. The box without the explosion… idk throw at a sniper maybe or dog pounced a teammate…

I guess a question for you is why do you want them to scale @Ananym ? What are you killing with them that you can no longer do on higher diff?


If vet and ogryn (if they spend a really important perk) grenade is “only” stagger, it’s just a bad zealot grenade. Why relegate such potentially cool pieces of kit to being so dull?

But yeah this is mostly for psyker, for whom brainburst definitely is an important damage tool. It would just be weird to add scaling to psyker’s grenade and not anybody else’s.

I’m not trying to advocate for making the game easier, just for making the game cooler. Parts of the kit that should be a cool part of the class fantasy end up being extremely uninteresting.


The grenade can have a bleed effect too, which synergizes well with ogryn and zlot if feats are coordinated. Which is a stretch in pubs I admit.

1 grenade per minute is big, taking off the top of an approaching horde can minimize there impact by a huge margin. Once I realized my dmg potential with ranged fire, its rare if I use one. Again, it’s a good tool to free a teammate. Sure zlot may have the best grenade for reviving a downed teammate but they cannot easily replenish them like the vet can, if they are even used.

Yea it is kind-of lazy to call the psykers brain burst a grenade (from the devs PoV). Have it take up her grenade slot did seem weird when explaining it to new players…

I do think however, both zlot grenade and vet are in a fine spot. I also think the BB is fine and it would make sense if BB was the only “grenade” to scale.

if anything something needs to happen with the meme box for big man Ogryn.

It´s good at single-target damage. Just throw it into a Beast of Nurgle and look how it drops.


Yea, that’s exactly when I use them… but when you miss, oof. Still if the best value u get from the Ogryn grenade is throwing them at a sponge, it just doesn’t seem worth. Ill throw them at a Crusher or Dog instead.

If the box doesn’t explode, the party should be able to pick up some of the grenades, maybe you can salvage 1 grenade and 1 stun. That would actually give more incentive to use and pick them up as a big man.


Throwing one at a Daemonhost’s face is also a good way to finish them off while they try and eat a teammate. Major damage spike.

But to mirror comments elsewhere in the thread, yeah, grenades are mostly a stagger tool. The damage fall off on frag grenades is very steep, but it’s got a decent knockdown range and can even topple Crushers and stun Plague Ogryn. I always try and keep a few set aside if I find myself suddenly being mobbed or I see a teammate pinned when surrounded by a horde or behind cover from me.

They could make an offensive curio slot that functions exactly as the defensive ones, but for increasing damage. One of the primary perks could be to increase blitz damage.

I take the grenade perks on veteran. Having unlimited grenades is extremely useful.

While Grenade scaling isn’t a bad idea, it’s mostly going to be a nerf before it get stronger

It would either be linked to the difficulty (easiest), where it does proportional damage (That way BB is back to being a great single target attack) or it’s linked to your weapon power, meaning at low level your grenade is somewhat bad, but at least it’s as bad (or good) as your weapons.

Yeah, I think the grenades should do more damage on higher difficulty.

Ogryn grenade overall is pretty worthless in the higher difficulties rn, only sometimes useful against the odd sniper or reaper if your veterans are idiots that don’t shoot those enemies straight away. Ogryn box impact on malice and higher should do double damage to remain relevant. Also should make the grenades fall out of the box by default and make the grenade feat simply give 2 more boxes of grenades.

Vets frag grenades only use on high diff is for stagger, the damage is really low and does barely anything. So probably give them a scaler that adds +20% more damage per difficulty starting at malice, so +20% (diff 3), +40% (diff 4), +60 (diff 5) percent respectively. These numbers should allow for decent damage against horde enemies and some decent damage to shooters.

Zealot grenade doesn’t seem to matter, since the stun is what you use it for, not the damage, so exclude this from scaling.

Brain Burst, needs a massive buff for higher difficulties. I think a breakpoint that allows you to always 1 hit a mauler with BB no matter difficulty would be fair.

I don’t think grenade scaling up in just damage on higher difficulty would be interesting or very good at all.

What I do agree with is a item that modified your grenade would be great because then what you do is not scale it up in damage but give the grenades useful utility abilities outside of just big damage to hit the next damage break point or you end up with BB on damnation only been worth a XII single head shot in damage and nothing else while zealot has a great grenade.

You need them to do some real ST or crowd control or people just use the much higher damage melee and range weapons.

Have multiple options like the the ogryn gets his multiple explosions or the box will rag doll and stun for 5 seconds and 10 on headshot or whatever else would make it a useful option.

You could make BB explode and send lighting strikes everywhere to stun enemy’s around them or mind control the unit for 5 seconds to friendly fire and then after explode.

what should psyker say? their BB doesnt scale to and is the G option for them. Question is if they have to scale, and i agree they should scale, not as hard as killing as diff: 1-3 but atleast be more decent :slight_smile: