Psyker is useless

Staves suck, BB sucks, ult is underwhelming, Peril is prohibiting, talents are garbage.

Overall just a good for nothing class. Disappointing, even more so since it hasn’t been changed.

Any other class can do what Psyker can do, but better.


They really need to a) make Brainburst scale at higher levels (or just delete and replace it with something useful) and b) rework their staves to be useful as something apart from stun spam.

I wanted to play Psyker but stopped during the beta for these very reasons.
The game just launched however. I’m sure FS will update the Psyker in a fun way.

I hope.

All “grenades” (BB is the Psyker’s grenade equivalent iirc) that are about dealing damage should scale with difficulty/via Curio power level.

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