Today there will be a maintenance period in which players will be unable to log in into the game. We expect this to last around 3 hours, commencing from 07:00 UTC. Patch #12 will deploy after this maintenance period!


See you in 3 hours.


So patch today ?


Wow! Already?! Awesome. If I knew I would take day off. I have curios to upgrade.


Patch today!


Carry on cuz does not affect me…


Find peace in the Emperor Guardsman.


Hel yeah! The patch is coming a lot sooner than I was expecting

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Why aren’t the locks being removed in the patch? It is a universally hated feature. We need a named dev/lead/producer to actually talk about why you are killing your own game, and what plans you have for the future.

The ‘change’ to the crafting locks in this update is literally meaningless, an obvious and poorly hidden sleight of hand to pretend like you’re actually doing something about the locks.


Damn this is a lot earlier than expected. Very nice.

Don’t suppose we could get the full patch notes to read while we wait for it to go live?

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You can find them here! Patch #12: Into the Maelstrom

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Yep just saw and am reading now. Thanks!


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Server maintenance? Here’s hoping the servers perform a little better.

I mean, they never performed well and never can perform well because the network model is fundamentally broken, and even the physically best and most numerous servers in the world could not address the issue, but they’ve been exceptionally bad even for what they are lately.

Historically the only time we have server restarts is during patch/update. And given the time between those, the servers are usually in pretty bad shape by then. So enjoy the fresh servers while you can!

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Yes, so I’ve heard. Server restarts should be routinely scheduled for sure. It is not the biggest network-related issue though. Much like how a fighting game simply cannot have good netplay without rollback netcode, a shooter cannot have good netplay without using client side, server authenticated hit detection. Even when the servers were at the best, stationary enemies would routinely bleed from headshots (client) but not take any damage (server).

In modern shooters this discrepancy is virtually impossible. All of the calculations of any given shot occur on the client’s end, and the server is only responsible for authenticating this information and updating the simulation. None of the actual processing of the shot ever occurs on the server, so it is only a question of when the enemy receives the damage, not if.

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it made you make a post on the forum so you were affected


Thank you for the heads up.

(I haven’t played in months nor plan to now)

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