Mace and Sword and the return of disappointment

I don’t really mind when a balance patch comes out in order to fix some clearly broken weapons, like the crowbill for example. What i do mind though is when FS finally introduces a good weapon like the pre-patch MaS just to ruin it again a few weeks later. Now the weapon doesn’t feel nowhere near as good as it did previously, you no longer can one-shot headshot normal chaos soldiers, you need to spend 30 seconds on a single chaos warrior, and it takes you three charged heavy hits to kill a single stormvermin (on legend). The new patch kinda ruined the weapon for me. Before the update you had a certain momentum when using it, it felt fairly powerful and really fun to use , now it’s just tedious, and it’s once again throw in the already huge pile of “meh” weapons that Kruber has. Since im Merc main, playing him now feels stale and frustrating especially since it’s was so nice before.

The thing that’s infuriating the most though is the fact that Saltzpyre’s axe and falchion an objectively OP weapon is still left untouched by the nerf hammer, were as a powerful yet skill based weapon like MaS is reduced to an annoying shadow of it’s former self… I mean what is FS thinking when balancing certain items? Do they just hate Kruber players? Do they want them to always feel weaker when compared to the others? I don’t even know anymore, im kinda tired of this random nerfing that FS is known for, i think i’ll just play something else until Kruber finally feels good to play. With all that said, i hope i didn’t sound too entitled, im just disappointed at the fact that this patch made the game a lot less fun and enjoyable to play instead of the opposite, at least with this character

I can get some frustration, it didn’t seem as strong as Falchaxe, but . . . Kruber has some of the most amazing weapons in the game. Halberd is still strong. Executioner Sword is outstanding. Halberd remains extremely potent. Two-Handed Hammer is a monster. His short sword is very good. Mace offers extremely good control.

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Halberd is strong true, but it’s also incredibly slow, plus your mobility with it is pretty bad, same thing with the 2 handed hammer, the mace has good mobility but light attack move-set is noneffective, short sword has good mobility, great cc but lacks in the AP department, and the executioner feels nice, but it’s heavy attacks are too slow, at least for me. That’s why i was in love with MaS it had a little bit of everything while still not being overpowered like A&F of Saltz.

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