Lucius Mk I Helbore Lasgun fails at almost everything it does

Plus the mk III can easily shoot through carapace at the cost of slightly longer charge time so ogryn maulers are a piece of cake for it. had one that could 2 shoot a mauler in the head without vet power. yes the lasgun isn’t the best when it comes to iron sights but if you learn it’s sway pattern and how much to charge for a kill then it’s a beast in medium to close range

It baffles me that a weapon that has a charge time has the longest weapon switching of all lasguns.
Why does it have to be a clunky mess ?
Why can’t it just be a slow-firing, powerful semi-automatic rifle with a charged piercing shot as a special attack ?
The intricate depths of the game designers’ minds are unfathomable…


i admit the weapon switch is a a bit too long but i think the charge is a fair tradeoff for being able to shoot through all armor types and being more ammo efficient than any other lasgun on elites if you get used to aiming with it so you land your shots.

You can easily fix many problems of the weapon by making it charge by itself like a certain repeater from another fps. It would surely help with my carpal tunnel.

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I agree with what most of you wrote, but I need to add that it seems Charge Rate attribute is a make or break for this weapon, there was significant difference when I was using it with 30% of the bar vs. ca. 65%.

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the mks are trade offs between charge time, punchthrough and dmg the mk I is the middle ground, mk II is fast rate but slightly lower dmg and mk III is highest dmg but slower charge, but it is able to punch through carapace armor like butter.

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This would actually be a decent fix, as long as it is charged once equipped.

That way you still get a delay for the first shot (Intuitively the duration of the equip animation), but a far less tedious one that having to wait for the equip and then hold down a button for another 1,5-2 seconds.

Then follow up shots will have to be manually paced (ie, just wait, instead of holding a button) for full power or quick tapped to take care of trash enemies or finish off a larger target while possibly conserving ammo.

Then they can give the different marks different charge rates, perhaps one with just a mid-range fixed damage/follow up delay to appease those like me that just dislike charge mechanics in general.

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I didn’t use them that much, but overall I thought the MK2 was the fastest…

Also, they have bayonet differences. The mk1 seems pretty standard, the mk2 has a spike bayonet like an SKS or certain .303 Enfields, and the mk3 actually CHOPS with it’s bayonet, which feels really weird.

It feels weird because you need mass to chop and it seems like it would be more likely to warp your barrel… And points generally penetrate much better unless you have a lot going for the cut.

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I thought it was just me. I’ve used the Revolver, Helbore and Bolter gun the most, and yes, the ironsights on the Helbore are really bad in contrast and not so great on the Bolter gun either. I was trying to figure out why it felt it so easy to aim with the revolver in comparison, but I think you may have highlighted the reasons why well.

It’s probably the biggest detractor from the weapon’s usability for me, including the exaggerated sway (which is worse on the bolter). I’ll still use it, though.

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I agree with pretty much everything the OP stated, I want to love this weapon, but it just isn’t good, it feels like it should be a DRM, but the sway and sights make it bad for that. the bayonet suggests close range work, but the weird lag with shooting, and it occasional not firing at all with quick presses make it bad as well.

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I agree with your feedback. The Helbore Lasgun is a failed design as it currently stands. There is 0 reason to use it over a MG12 lasgun which does pretty much everything better on top of having a fancy sight and drowning you in ammo.

I would like to see a redesign, maybe in form of a proper long las with a sight that has slightly more zoom than the normal lasguns.

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Not to single you out but this isn’t what the Helbore is, at least in fluff anyway. The Helbore is the Krieg’s standard lasgun. It hits way harder, but drains the powerpack faster and can overheat. It’s not typically made to accept sight devices, mainly because Krieg needs to outfit so many new soldiers that it would reduce manufacturing output if it had anything other than iron sights.

If the in-game design reflected this, the weapon would operate somewhere between the Kantrael lasgun and the Plasma Gun. Single shots for rapid-fire work and right-click charges up a powerful shot to pierce armoured enemies.

I’ve seen some complaints about the plasma gun’s lack of aiming, but the shots always hit the exact centre of the crosshairs, with no penalty for moving around. Having the Helbore behave similarly would allow players to be just as aggressive, moving forward killing enemies with powerful shots, and using the bayonet to finish off isolated enemies.

But right now it’s a weapon that’s trying to be both a DMR and a close-range trench raider, and it fails miserably at both.


Agreed on all, OP - Lucius is unfortunately dogshit atm. Hope it gets some improvements.

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What I really miss with the Lucius is… the ability to STORE a charged shot.

The game is PRETTY chaotic, and stuff like the beast of Nurgle and PlagueGryn can turn pretty well… so taking a snapshot with the charge shot isn’t actually easy. It might be good to snipe enemies that haven’t noticed you or are charging striaght at you… but otherwise? YOu probably don’t have the time to load the shot… and if you, do the moment you (can) fire it, it might be wasted. A saved shot would allow you to get a nice snap shot.

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it would be cool if a dev could just comment on a post and be like “ya we notice” or something so we arent all just complaining into nothingness. I want more than anything for the Lucius to get a rework.

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Agreed with most of the OP and thread. I think the core concept is interesting but the implementation is a complete failure. What I would do to fix it up a bit:

  1. Better iron sights or maybe even a magnifying optic to play up the DMR role a bit more.
  2. More accurate hipshots so you don’t have to rely on the sights and charged shots as much.
  3. Increase the lethality of the bayonet a bit, especially on headshots. It should be more dangerous than a rifle butt attack.
  4. Add a charge attack to the bayonet that increases your movement speed over a short distance (think pick heavy charged attacks from vermintide) and increases the damage over a quick stab.

Yup, this gun is useless because it is a sniper rifle with no scope.

Yeah… I like the Mk2 variant better, been performing a lot better for me by far lol. Damage is really nice on it tbh but I think the boltgun would perform better overall lol.