Lost fps after the 1.6 gb update

Is this due to the logging that was added in? I haven’t changed any settings and i am 10-15 fps less in game.


no issue here, but they say its all technical stuff no content so certainly posible. id defo check setting shavent changed

Nothing changed here im not the only one though steam forums are flooding with posts of people losing frame rate after the update.

I lost about 10-15 on average at most but what annoys me far more is the 2-3 times I get disconnected and thrown to the character selection screen per match

Edit: Yep. Error 2007 is consistent in every match now. Roughly around half way mark

Same. Two of my friends are experiencing framedrops too.

I’ve lost between 20 and 30 too.

Same here, games a lot more rough after last patch. Seems like the same issue with the experimental branch that I rolled back to get away from the FPS drop there. Which is a shame because it was finally starting to run decently.

Experienced a clear FPS drop in hectic situation too.
Probably linked to the additional diagnostic tools (and runningin background) they have implemented

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same 1080p/high/135 fps for me

yep. i7 8700 1070 16gb ram,all lowest with fsr2 to performance . 20-30 fps loss average with added stuttering. had 80-100 fps while roaming the levels and fighting smaller groups, low 50s during bigger hordes on heresy. now 60-70 roaming and dipping to low 30 during hordes

Same here, I was getting 60+ before the patch now I get 15-45 depending on mob density.

same, game is now sketchy all over the place. Just stuff popping in and taking longer to load and FPS drops.

No issue here.

Important: DLSS has been a glitch since day one. Sometimes, the options say it’s enabled but it’s not.

Solution: Disable DLSS in the options. Accept. Then reanable it.

Same, drop of FPS, but, let s see what happens after server maintnance, i hope it s in correlation cause if not, beta should be better than release :joy:
Noticed too a real difference in HERETIC

Same here. My first day I played before the update, Adrenaline was saying I was averaging 110ish fps on high no RLSS. Now since the update and possibly newer amd driver I average around 70-80fps. So I lost about 30 fps according to adrenaline. I’m on a 6900xt/5900x btw too.