Losing connection

‘Lost connection to the host. Trying to reconnect.’

It started last night, about 6-7 pm. During the game, there are friezes, as if ping jumps, and then disconnection, or immediately friezes and disconnection. This has NEVER happened before, I’ve been playing since the release, although not often. I attach the actual reports from the console for these two days.
Console reports.zip (1.8 MB)

Seeing as this is such a recent issue, do restart your PC and router, and have a look to see if your ISP has reported any recent instability.

I tried restarting the router and tried to play again. In the end, I still finished at least one game, unlike those two days where I was thrown out of all the games. This game also had friezes and desync. ~2-3 times. From the provider’s side, everything is fine. According to them, at least.
Again, the report from the console.
console-2021-06-18-02.58.37-4e3aa04b-7b4a-444b-b066-a25fcf214ef5.log (1.0 MB)

UPD: Seems like such desyncs events only occur during random hordes. Can’t say for sure about scripted hordes. So for example, again today, at the end of the Athel Yenlui, everything was fine.

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