Loot system sucks?

This game has wonderful gameplay, but a loot system that feels a bit lacking. Why would I run lvl 5 missions when the highest tier gear start showing up at lvl 3? In Vermintide the higher mission difficulties made sense, because thats where you had a chance of getting the best gear. In Darktide the only reason to try the the higher difficulties is out of boredom, as you become progressively overpowered and the challenge in the mid lvl missions isnt there anymore.

And why would you risk picking up grims when all they do is give you a small amount of money?

I dont get it. Am I missing something?

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Maybe something like this:

From free to play but they have the same systems in place.
Source: Game Economics, Part 3: Free-to-Play Games | by Jon Radoff | Building the Metaverse | Medium

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not sure id say the reward systems are sucking id more call them absent

Releasing an ARPG/ Looter-Shooter with no loot system is certainly a unique design choice.