Look at this handsome Boi!

Just look at him! The magnificent beard, the awing shine of his scalp!
This is what peak of dwarfen performance looks like!

Don’t know how that happened, I am wearing the “Zulunbakiaz Nairikitt” (the helmet which makes him look like an Engineer).
Sadly ingame he is wearing the helmet.

I know of funny Kerillian alien-like faces, but anyone got such glitches with Saltz, Sienna or Krub?

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It happens with any career at the launch of the game. I’m using My hero mod, it may be it

It’s like @WhereIsBaoDur said, it’s the My Hero mod.
Funny thing is: V1 skins (tbe be specific: their hats) are really not affected by this. This confirms the reason FS said that it wouldn’t be easy to put V2 hats on the imported V1 skins: they are one package.