Boki Smedniri Cosmetic DLC Helmet - Umgak Bib

Disclaimer: opinion.

Generally happy with DLC cosmetics, but this helmet feels totally ruined by the rough/unfinished leather bib slapped under it. Doesn’t look like any sort of proper Dwarf craft, and it completely removes the model for Bardin’s glorious beard (IMO this is HERESY). The helmet model itself looks amazing, but I just can’t bring myself to delete my beard and wear an umgak bib.

Fatshark pls.


I mean, the obvious inspiration for the Boki Smedniri is a welding helmet. Why on earth would you leave your beard exposed if you’re doing work that involves extreme heat and flash burn?

I think the helmet looks badass as hell.


It does look badass but the leather bit is fugly. I think it could be shorter on the chest.