Long run game improvements & new content [Feedback]

Most of my feedback are for long term positive ‘grind’ and replayability. These are my own opinions from having played a multitude of game for long hrs of varied genres.

(I have now played the game for 28 hrs and will be clocking a lot more soon. IF any of the below are already availble in the game in one form or another, please let me know)

1. Rework UI - Option to communicate ingame thru Shortcuts (“Wait for me”/ " Need help" / " Boss/Miniboss alert"). Emotes/Voice lines (Like overwatch) could be a nice cosmetic addition but don’t forget to include emote cancellation to quickly get into combat.

2. Daily Quest & Challenges - As someone mentioned in the forums, more daily quests would be nice. Individual Class challenges would be a nice addition to just account wide challenges. This will give a positive motivation to try other classes. The rewards for Class based challenges could be costumes and weapons only loot.

The following Suggestions below compliment each other in order and makes more sense as you read

3. Communities - Aka…something like guilds but ability to join multiple. This will allow for more focused grouping for higher difficulty content. At the moment, you see very few ‘joinable’ Champion games and mostly private Legand games. The community feature could help solo players to help find relevant teams to tackle higher difficulty content.

4. More rewarding premade(Non-Qp)/Matchmaking/ - Add loot based or ingame buff based incentives to matchmaking or premade private gameplay (more incentives based on number of players who start the session as a team). This feature will be good motivation to be invested in higher difficulty content and a good bonus playing with friends.

5. Beyond Legend difficulty -

a. Map Mods/Reworked Deed system - Starting from Champion difficulty let premade matchmaking allow for random/fixed mods to the maps to allow for harder gameplay and a appropriate reward system in tackling them.

b. Arcade/Arena style maps? - Just a random food for thought idea. A possible ‘end game content’ idea. A huge arena style map with random enemy mods and perhaps different horde level clears to earn specific loots.

6. Reward System - At the end of the day, whatever new content you may add, a large motivator for replayabilty is the rewarding system. This includes new set of gears, cosmetics, set bonuses for gears, Gears with certain bonuses that affect the whole team (based on aoe range). So, please do always keep in mind of the rewarding system if ever new content is added to the game and make the rewarding system more fun and relevant to the content done. RNG is fine but its always more exciting to do specific challenges or activity to farm for specific items. eg. Between gears/cosmetics.

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