List of features that are a regression from the previous games:

Here is a short list of the systems that are a direct regression from the previous Tide games:

-Crafting /Missing In Action
-Mission select /nope, rng and timed
-Maps themselves /while incredibly detailed, share a lot of the “set pieces”
-Shop /we used to get chests then craft from what we got in the chests
-Rewards /basically void
-Achievements /either bland, such as killing 10.000 or counter productive like soloing a boss
-Social wheel & tag /missing many previously existing features
-Bots /default convict, no brain, can’t order to take stuff, etc
-Kick vote feature /interrupts the player IN COMBAT
-Privating a game in the middle of a match /can only be set before
-Interesting pickups/grims, tomes, else./ no potions, no bombs, no reason to pick grims n tomes
-Loading screens /all. The . Time.
-Careers /4 instead of 15 on launch
-70+ weapons /a lot of weapons are shared
-Story /well we don’t have it yet
-Quality of the characters and the banter /just doesn’t have the charm of VT
-Post30 character level /* still nice to see lvl 987 when I log on a VT character*
-Monster closets /poxburster running out of a closet already detonating? Sniper teleporting across the map?
-Melee combat /there are no melee threats. The only real threats are ranged, which you can’t block. And enemies hit you behind cover
-Mission board /incredibly grindy

Am I forgetting some?


I like that maps share zones and parts of their level design. Makes the hive more of a real place and anchors what we’re doing to a where, and I definitely do not percieve it as laziness on FS’s part.

Let’s also not say that some achievements in VT2 weren’t terribly designed nor that some in DT aren’t well designed. Achievements have always been wheat and chaff with Fatshark.

Regarding the rest… overall I agree, with some more than others.