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I would like to think that one + level would maybe getting 1+ in dodge/strength/block/stamina or something like that not all at the same time, just maybe 1+ every 5th +level and after +level 80 you get 1 attribute every 10th +level, is that a good ide or a bad one? I just want to keep you players to keep playing and have a goal :slight_smile:

No, no no and no. Thats dumb as hell. This game is about PLAYER skill not grinding


This idea gets floated around once in a while. And I’ll just reply what I always do:

NO. Worst. Idea. Ever.

This would create a balancing problem that’s unsolvable. Either the highest difficulties become too easy for people that grind a lot, or they become impossible for those that don’t. Like @Perteks said: Vermintide isn’t about grinding time. It’s about grinding skill. This “more power if you play a lot” idea might work in some games, but not in the slightest in Vermintide.


so why have them there why just not remove them since they dont have a function, why are they ther ? if it is all about skill the why are they there?

take them away and dont put them back since they dont is needed.

and stop being a executioner on peoples ides, you can say “no that a bad ide since…” and the come up with an explanation

For e-pingas but otherwise you get levels for commendation chest. And I use this to well to see what I didn’t played in longer time to not burn myself out of one character.

And you had explanation already. Any build idea would be shoot down - just grind more.


still the +levels dont do crap so why not only have the level 35 bar and just refill that all the time (with no +levels) and still get the commendation chest.

you have the grind, you will have you skill progress (for yourself) and your chests, so still the +levels is just a visual thing that is not needed, it gives nothing

Bad idea.
That would totally mess with balance and kind of punish people that play more than one character as they will never be as strong as someone who just plays one.


then they only have to play and learn more characters because it is not “safe” to ONLY play one character if you play in a group, and if you play solo then it dose not matter anyway if you play one or more characters. but dont play solo in a Team Playing Game.
and if you play with random players and dont have “your” character that is you fault that you have not learned more characters.

This progression system you are suggesting is more suited for a rogue-like dungeon crawler than for Vermintide. Quite a few people play this game for the loot but that can only take you so far. Vermintide is a good example of a game where the phrase “get gud” is your in-game gospel.
At 650 Hero Power, you are at max strength, your hero will not get one bit stronger, it is all you from that point on wards. These extra passives you listed would ultimately make the game easier for high level players. Not because they are good, but because their heroes can do more.

Furthermore, these changes would drive away people like me who play it for the challenge. True solos would become a cake walk and clutching a bad situation would be an eventuality rather than a case for a skilled player.


I think the idea of getting incremental power increases with levels is a bad one. It would break balance, as mentioned by a few other people on the thread. You’re definitely not the first to suggest this so don’t feel like you’re on your own in wishing the levels had a purpose. I personally would prefer if they unlocked cosmetics like a new character frame when you get to say level 100.

People may then complain that it is a grind so providing a reward for it may cause backlash. I see no benefit in removing it though. What would be the point? Yes it doesnt do anything specific but it’s a bit more information, which is never a bad thing. I like looking at my Bardin and seeing how excessively I play him.


Now this reply i liked, you actually explained what you ment and not like Perteks.

thx for that

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so you say you want to have the +levels to see when you have to quit playing a character in your case Bardin? i am sorry to say but that sounds very weard that you need a indicator that tells you that you have played that hero to mutch ?

There are players with 1000+ levels in one character. I’m 35+600 in Kruber.

I’d be one-shotting bosses by now if I max my +1 every five levels into Strength giving me a +120 strength buff. I mean shitting hell.


Sorry I wasnt clear, I like the indicator of level because it tells me the amount of time I’ve dedicated to playing a character. I don’t use it to tell me to move to another character because I really couldn’t care less. I play what I feel like and I like seeing the ridiculous level.


Adding cosmetics to +levels or adding a global account level is fine imo, yes it adds more grind but it’s not weapon grind or level grind. Adding the equivalent of a paragon system like in diablo is not a good idea in vermintide as many already pointed out, it would break balance and discourage players of trying different hero’s.

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An addition to a frame every 100 levels might be cool. Like the deeds frame gets more seals and stuff.


I don’t mind if they attach +levels to cosmetics but I’d be upset if they added power upgrades to them. I love vermintide because it is all about skill. Now if they would add talents for more build diversity and link +levels to talents but not increase power levels. That would be my ideal situation. Theorycrafting is fun.

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I’m all for cosmetic unlocks at +levels, but actual stats? lol no. Stats in this game have a cap for a reason. It is not a endless grind for more power for power sake


Which is funny as the first ten to a few hundred hours are (among other things) a grind to get more power to make the game easier. It’d kind of be more logical to have it reversed so the next difficulty you jump to isn’t as big and you’ve been prepared a bit due to power being taken away.

Anyway, glad there is a cap, and imo the XP screen could be removed when hitting 35. Or an option in the settings if someone still likes to see it, or the animation for getting a commendation chest. (same goes for 5 shillings, it should be automatic and just a popup message)

I forget what the level is, but around 10-20 or so your character moves their belongings to an area within the keep, would be neat if extra levels beyond 35 would go towards further visual improvements of their living quarters.

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