Level of detail/culling issues

Issue Description:
Game will reduce LoD and cull certain things from closer and closer distances as FoV is increased. This ONLY affects things centralized on the screen and not things towards the edge of the screen which makes it seem like the culling/LoD settings are totally inverse of what they’re meant to be. You see barrels and tables disappearing in the distance, mountains that are clearly still visible changing to low detail and skulls on the floor like 5-10 feet away being reduced to a much lower detail. (7950X3D, 4090, 64GB of ram, game and OS are running from Seagate FireCuda 530s, 1TB and 2TB. This is not a system issue this is a game issue) No mods that affect anything graphical are installed, nor is ReShade btw.

Steps to Reproduce:
Just turn your FoV up a little from default and walk around a bit in Taal’s Keep. The issue is STILL A PROBLEM EVEN WITH NORMAL FoV, it’s just not as pronounced as with increased FoV.

Map Name (If Applicable):
Taal’s Keep


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
All day every day (not a joke)

Reproduction Rate:

Upload Supporting Evidence:

In the video you can see me focusing on the things disappearing and reappearing and increasing and decreasing in LoD as I move toward and away from them, they should not be changing LoD till very far away and nothing should be being culled till out of sight. Clip also starts in menu to prove default FoV and prove it’s an issue even at the game’s baseline.

Upload Console Log:
Not really relevant to the problem at hand.

Upload user_settings.config:
User settings are irrelevant, I’ve tested it before I started messing with the config, after messing with the config and after deleting the config to completely restore defaults, it is the same regardless of my user_settings file because whatever is doing it, is not an option that can be changed in game. The only setting that COULD be relevant is I play in 3840x2160 resolution and the problem happens regardless of if I set a framerate cap or not

I should add to this, for reference to show it’s not a system performance issue causing the LoD/culling. I am getting over 200fps at 4k and max settings. I definitely have a lot of headroom for less culling and LoD issues lol

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