Increased field of view reduces render distance on objects

This is a follow-up on my (closed) report of render distance issues.

Render distance of several objects like consumables is reduced since several patches ago (don’t know which one, but before CW release). After I posted the issue on reddit, we could deduct the problem is dependent on field of view settings. The higher the FOV, the closer you have to go to have some objects rendered. This is a very annoying bug, you can see its effects in a video here:

I hope that’s enough info for you guys to fix it :slightly_smiling_face:


There is also an issue of increased FOV making enemies that are close to you turn completely invisible.
This happens even at 90 FOV.

The thing that has always bothered me playing at 100 FOV is that some things render from much, much further away if you look at them with the edge of your screen. Literally 3-4x the distance. This happens with every FOV but is less noticeable at low FOV like OP said.

The House:



Sadly, I can’t comment on if the distance has changed recently or not. Because I’ve been using tagging to fish for items at likely spots, and angling my camera once I get the noise to bypass the short rendering distance for years. I figured it was a byproduct of playing V2 on a laptop, but didn’t recognize it as a problem when i upgraded to an actual PC.

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To chime in again…

To a degree, you’re always going to have this happen.

The viewing frustum is generally always square if you don’t want to kill performance. So unless your game is using non-Euclidean geometry, the draw distance will be greater towards the edges, there are not really many ways around that.

However, it feels more pronounced with a greater distortion purely in the centre of the screen, rather than in the peripheral.

Diagram for reference:

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Still, it wasn’t as bad as it is now. I have been playing with 110° FOV for a pretty long time and never noticed this behavior until some months ago. Maybe it got influenced by some performance improvement patch

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