Level cap increase?

Is the level cap increase going to include gear level cap? Meaning, will we need new red gear if the new cap is, for example, 350 instead of 300?

As far as I know, red gear is always at max level.


All the red gear will boost to the new max power level, while the orange and lower gear will probably stay the same level, unless FS decides to retroactively boost all 300 power items to the new power cap.

That sounds like speculation. Sauce?

Well, I’ve got bad news for you: everything is speculation at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

This. Veteran equipment can’t be looted at less than 300 power because it’s always maximum power. What they’ll do with all of our current Veteran gear, who knows… but it seems reasonable that either they will act like WoWs “Heirloom” equipment and level with us on our way to level >insert level maximum here< or they will just go straight to maximum.

If not, I have a feeling there will be rioting in the streets.


I would dare to speculate that that was abandoned outside of the grindmode.

This makes me wonder as to why they did not include the increased level cap in the beta yet.

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