Level 30 Double EXP

Just a thought although people have complained about not getting anything out of the chests, I think a level 30 character should get double exp. It makes wipes and rage quitters more bearable post match, and although its RNG more commendation chests are always welcome. Just wish the game wouldn’t crash on me when a PUG is doing really well.


Not a terrible idea, I’d enjoy it.

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Actually I think it needs a little bit of expansion on, maybe the experience buff only applies to level 30 chars. That are playing legandary runs, so a barebones legendary run will net you more exp than a full champion run. Thus more people will be willing to make the jump from champion to legendary. And get better at the game in the process…

Doesn’t a normal Legend run already give more exp than a full champion? I haven’t paid attention to the XP weeks, but if I remember correctly… Champion full run is like 992 exp and legend run with no books is 1,000 exp? Isn’t it? I could be completely wrong, probably am… lol

No your right, but I think the difficulty spike doesn’t match the rewards methinks :wink: 3exp extra is naff all really.

But you have a higher chance of getting reds from all of the legend boxes as well. I’ve got a good bit of reds from soldiers chests.

How about 2 chests every level after 30?

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Yea that could work also, exp would however I think be better because you would get something if you wipe :slight_smile:

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