Let the bots do the boring stuff

Being able to tell bots to pick things up was a great change, but I’d like to go further. I think it would be really great if you could tell bots to do all the boring stuff that gets in the way of actually playing the game.

  • Nobody wants to be the one who’s carrying the torch in the first section of Blightreaper. Let the bots carry it.
  • I don’t want to hold E for 30 seconds at the end event of Fort Brachsenbrucke while the rest of my team plays the game. Let the bots do it. Same deal with Athel and the crystals.
  • Nobody wants to be the one stop-start pushing the cart in HitD while the rest of the team runs ahead. Let the bots push it.

Any feature of a map that breaks the pace of a run or takes the player away from the core focus of the game (the combat) should be something you can tell a bot to do.


I agree with this mostly but what if you didn’t want said thing done? Like if you were going for the no torches challenge on Blightreaper? Or kill 25 enemies with the cannonball achievement on fort and the bot takes the cannonball and runs off? Or they push the cart into first dark section in HitD and a horde comes when it would be better to have the cart closer to the rear tunnel so you can see what you’re fighting? Let’s not forget that bots are pretty easily overwhelmed and giving them another decision to make might make them less capable in those situations.

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Only have the bots pick up things based on the ping wheel. Then they won’t touch stuff by default.

Basically as Arknox said. I’m imagining it to work the same way as when you tell them to pick stuff up. They don’t do it until you tell them to.

Lol bots that auto rung bells, pulled levers and broke ropes could make things more “interesting”.

Personally I think we should be playing the gam,e not have the game play itself.

I totally agree. That’s why I think that if something requires somebody on the team to stop playing the game for 30 seconds so they can stand still and hold E, then that thing should be done by bots.

Yeah, if bots could do that by simply tagging interact-able (or non-interact-able) objects and not having to walk up to said object, hold your tag key and select interact, because there should only be one option anyway, same goes for rescues, they don’t pick up teammates who were put out of action.

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