Launch bug

Issue Summary:
GUID: baab8f28-1850-429e-bf11-df8f011a41cc Log File: Info Type: ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- [Crash Link]: crashify://baab8f28-1850-429e-bf11-df8f011a41cc

When I run Vermintide 2, the game crash and I have a pop-up windows :
Error windows …
Game Security Violation Detected LightingService.exe

the error was due to the LightingService.exe, I have an Asus AMD motherboard, I had install AURA software to control and manage the lightening effect of the different compound inside my tower.
This software provides the service call lightning service.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. have aura Asus software
  2. launch the game

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:
kick the Lighting Service in task manager

Unfortunately ASUS Aura Sync uses old, exploitable drivers which is why it’s untrusted by our anti-cheat service, Easy Anti-Cheat.

I’ve contacted Easy Anti-Cheat in the past to request that it’s whitelisted but sadly they couldn’t honour my request due to the reasons above.

I can only recommend that you disable ASUS Aura Sync prior to launching Vermintide 2.

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