Last patch cut away a big part of Krak granade strenght, that's how I'd compensate

Krak granades main role is killing enemies Ogryns and Monstrosities

After patch 15, Monstrosities take much less damage from explosion, Krak granades included

Krak lost a big chunk of potential and now it’s hard choose them over Frag granades… wich, in a situation where a bunch of Crushers spawn during an horde, can kill the horde, stagger and damage multiple Crushers

My idea to balance Krak granades is giving them a magnetic effect so that they can track a little the target, making easier to effectively hit it

Aim the correct terget is currently a lil clunky, plus enemies can do sudden movenents you can’t predict and so the granade gets wasted

Thanks for reading

They literally already do this though??? Unless you mean specifically for bosses, but that’d be annoying if you’re trying to deal with a crusher pack during a boss fight.

Anyway yeah a bunch of things got needlessly hurt because FS decided to nerf Rumbler by making all explosive weapons bear the weight of its sins. Did Trauma staff really need to lose its barely ok Beast of Nurgle DPS? Did krak deserve to have its boss damage reduced? Box? Frag nade?

The real solution is for FS to revert the explosion damage change and balance things sensibly rather than blanket stomping an entire damage type.


Uhm, but do you mean the sticky effect when you hit a flak/carapace/monstro enemy?

Because I swear more times I missed a Crusher for few centimeters and the granade didn’t change its trajectory… I meant I’d like the Krak was able to “follow” the target a bit

It already does. Go and test it in the psycarnium.

But “balancing sensibly” means that Fatshark actually needs to play their own game! /s


Thanks for the info… at this point I’d like the track effect was a little stronger

You can still be effective against monstrosities with karks.
By using focus target and full bore.

You can Even kill it solo reletivley easy and fast.

Really need to hit some headshots, if you have only 2 karks tho.

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