Lasgun Sight should be available for other guns

The Lasgun is one of the best guns in the game next to the godlike Boltgun. It can do a little bit of everything, which is nice considering it’s the trademark gun for the infantry.

One thing about it in particular is that it has the ONLY sight in the game, unless I am mistaken. I really believe people are underestimating how much of a difference a sight picture can make in a FPS Shooter. It is such a small addition to the gun, but it makes it way more usable right off the bat.

Other guns are forced to use their Iron sights, which isn’t inherently a problem but when you consider some guns like the Hellbore family has lots of effects like smoke and redness coming out of the gun, it can be hard at times to get a clear sight picture to shoot and aim with. Why is it that one of the best guns in the game, comes with an additional benefit of having a sight? This feels unfair to the other gun users.

My suggestion is that we should be able to put the Holo sight from the Lasgun onto the guns if we should so choose. I understand that the developers have said “This isn’t COD” but take in mind that I’m not saying let’s add different types of barrels, stocks or ammo types. I am saying lets simply increase the quality of life of the player by putting a sight onto our guns. This would be a welcome change by the community and could easily fit within the parameters of the crafting system. Even if you don’t want them to craftable, you could apply them like a skin in your gun selection.

Edit: Sorry for the repost moderator, I accidentally deleted this.


Don’t give Fatshark any ideas, they’ll make a dozen new guns with only the iron sights changed out of this xD

+1. The main things you change on a gun are sights and trigger, and if you want a new trigger you need a new mouse. So +1 on optics.

they implied theyd give us weapon parts to change on our guns anyway. there have been multiple times in trailers where ive seen the kantrael with iron sights. but apparently all weapon customization was ripped in place of a not even complete version of the vermintide2 system with just “oooo new weapon perks”. on TOP of the upgrades to your gun not even adding more stats to your base weapon specs as they should have, and have yet to fix