Lack of Twohanded Weapons in Darktide

I currently have two characters at lv20, as I heard that there is a two handed chainsaw-sword I acutally created one of the two characters pretty much because of that sword! The other is an Ogryn.

Currently 46 hours in I realized the lack of twohanded Weapons in the game, in Vermintide I mostly used them and never really understood why I should play with a weapon in just one hand when I have an empy hand left! xD

At the moment there is only the Hammer and the Chainsword that is wielded with both hands, no dual wield or twohanded weapons expect those two (and the Magic Stick of the Psyker…) even the Ogryn uses just one of his arms 90% of the time, shield is the exception.

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There are a few that aren’t yet available (Most likely on launch)

A 2h Maul for the Ogryn, 2h Chain Axe, 2h Power Sword

Otherwise we can hope for future flc/dlc weapon

Edit: There is also a normal 2h Sword

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Oh! Thanks you, that is the information I like :slight_smile:

None of them seem to be in the full release game now :frowning: