Lacerate Weapon Bonus can be Proc'd by Psyker ability/ranged attacks

Issue Description:
Not sure if this is technically a “bug” and if its intended or not (my guess is not intended). Nor if it belongs here. Regardless, A psyker using a Melee Weapon with the ‘Lacerate’ weapons bonus (add a stack of bleed on non-weakspot hit) can bleed enemies using either their Psykinetic Wrath ability or using a force staff warp-shot (left click projectile). I attempted to proc the bleed effect using the force staff charged aoe. as well as brain burst, and a few other guns. However, none of these seemed to proc it, as they all hit before i can swap to my melee weapon in time.

Steps to Reproduce:

1ab. Equip melee weapon with “Lacerate” bonus (Blue rarity+)

2a. Use Psykinetic Wrath ability while holding melee weapon, against any enemy in range.
3a. Enemy bleeds.

2b. Shoot any enemy (in a non-weakspot) with Force Staff Warp Shot (or assumedly any ranged attack with travel time)
3b. Swap from your ranged weapon back to your lacerate melee weapon before or as the attack reaches the enemy (use ‘Q’ for easy fast swap).
4b. Enemy bleeds.

Mission Name (If Applicable):
All? Mostly tested in the Psykhanium, however ive seen this take affect in actual missions

All? but steam in my case.

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
uhhhh, all the time? (Found at 12am PST)

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence: